The cups, plates, and other tableware produced by Takahashi Kougei are made with wood bestowed by the mountains of Hokkaido, and the creation of such utensils serves to link the mountains with the people. The forests are managed with care so that younger trees can grow, which entails felling the right number of older trees to allow the forest room to breathe.

Wood items in the home can have a very soothing effect. The soft, warm feel of wood has a gentle quality, perhaps because the color of wood—which ranges from white to black—resembles that of the human skin.

The crafting of wood tableware serves an important purpose for both the forest and humans, both serving the needs of the ecosystem and giving warmth and comfort to users.

About Takahashi Kougei

Founded in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, in 1965 by Shoichi Takahashi, a lathe worker. Originally produced mostly table legs and ornamental pillars. With the downturn in the domestic furniture market, Takahashi Kougei launched in the 1980s the production of wood cups and sugar pots using lathes, becoming the founder of the Asahikawa group of wood tableware makers. Creates simple and functional tableware using mainly Hokkaido-grown trees. While preserving the look and feel of wood, the items—such as the Kami series drinking cups—have a modern sensibility,
enabling them to blend naturally into the contemporary lifestyle. Hidetoshi Takahashi became president in 2009.

9-2-5 Gojo Nishi, Asahikawa, Hokkaido